The Hart Library wants to serve you better.
Please take a few moments to answer this survey.

  1. Have you come to the Hart Library in the last six months?   yes no

  2. Why to you use the library? Check any that apply.
    books to read for fun
    the Internet

    other (please fill in):

  3. Do you ever use the library website?   yes no

  4. When you were younger, did you participate in
    the Summer Reading Game?   yes no

  5. Have you participated in the Summer Reading Club for teens?  yes no

  6. Would you participate in an online Summer Reading Club for teens?  yes no

  7. The library is considering an blog for teens to discuss books and reading. 
    Would you be likely to participate?  yes no

We are looking for few teens who would be willing to help the library plan better ways to help teens.  Meetings would be in June and July and participants would earn community service hours. Please fill in you name, email and/or phone number if you are interested.

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