Wireless Printing

Use one of the following options:


Print via the web portal

Send print jobs via a web portal by clicking here

Print via Email

Print an email or attachment by emailing to one of the following unique addresses:


Black and White: wls-shr-bw@printspots.com

Color: wls-shr-color@printspots.com

Install the PrinterOn App on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Nook to send print jobs.



Once the app installed, select printer and search "WLS Hart" to connect to our printer. 

Retrieving Your Prints

Prints remain in the print memory for 4 hours and can only be retrieved when the library is open.

Black and White copies are .15; Color copies are .35; use nickels, dimes, quarters, $1 or $5 bills. No pennies.